1. They are great at saving space 

Wooden planters are a great way of utilizing your garden space. As they can be made to fit anywhere you would like !


  1. They are hardwearing and weather proof 

Wooden planters are very hard- wearing and will last for years and especially if they are looked after by regularly applying protection on. And unlike terracotta pots they are not susceptible to frost.


  1. They have good air circulation 

With the small gaps in the side of the  planters and the slatted base of the planter it means that the plants get good air circulation around the planter.


  1. They have good drainage. 

Wooden planters offer good drainage as they have the slatted base and lining so keep soil in but also allow for drainage without becoming waterlogged.


  1. They look good ! 

Wooden planters can really enhance your garden space and look smart and chic. Also wooden planters can be painted whatever colour you like to fit in with your garden and house.

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